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Yoga for the Vagina

A whole body healing experience

In Yoga for the Vagina we’re not just prescribing specific asanas for specific conditions, we’re learning how to unwind the patterns and tension being held in the vagina, in the pelvis and in the body as a whole. We’re not trying to ‘fix’ the body. We’re trying to remove all the barriers the body has against self-healing. Because when the body lets go of all the emotional and physical gunk that it’s collected over the years, it’s very intelligent. It knows how to heal itself.

That’s the beauty of the body. The body is a remarkable vessel and when we learn how to work with our body, as opposed to against it, our body can do some pretty magical things! And that’s why I created this practice, so you can learn how to not just do a series of yoga postures that help tone the organs and fascia of the pelvis, but so you can learn how to listen. To go inside and use the body and the breath to feel yourself, so you can heal yourself.

This is what Yoga for the Vagina was designed for; to give you solid information, and gorgeous practises that teach you the mechanics of the pelvis, and how to articulate that anatomical knowledge into a practice that nourishes you on all levels. And that will serve you in developing a healthy relationship not only with your with vagina, but with your whole self.

About the author

Tamra Mercieca

Tamra Mercieca

Tamra Mercieca is a self-love therapist, yoga teacher and writer at her online school Getting Naked, where she teaches people how to strip off the layers of childhood conditioning, so they can fall in love with themselves. It was after healing herself of pre-cancerous cells in her cervix, that Tamra was inspired to create Yoga for the Vagina: A restorative yoga practice that uses the Jade Egg to heal the sexual organs, release sexual trauma and awaken the body to pleasure.

Tamra is trained in over a dozen healing modalities - with a special interest in mental health and women’s sexual health - has published two books and has been interviewed on HayHouse Radio, a raft of TV shows, as well as featuring in over a dozen mainstream magazines and newspapers worldwide. She has shared Yoga for the Vagina at numerous festivals in her home country of Australia, and moved to France in 2019 to continue to share the yoga love across Europe and the UK.

‘Tamra's program not only gave me the tools to get my life back on track it possibly saved it!!’ - Andrew