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Why Yoga and Mindfulness for children?

Benefits of being outdoors in nature for children

Nature for me is a key component to a more peaceful and calm mind and provides a sense of well-being. Research such as Sarah Blackwell’s (CEO of Forest Schools) has shown what great benefits being outside in nature can have on children. Her research papers ‘Impacts of Long Term Forest School Programmes on Children’s Resilience, Confidence and Wellbeing’ investigates and presents the positive impacts of long term forest school programmes on children’s resilience, confidence and wellbeing. This combined with yoga and mindfulness is the perfect combination for me.

I felt drawn to and, have now completed, children’s mindfulness training with The British Mindfulness Institute which enhanced my understanding and knowledge relating to introducing mindfulness to children.

Benefits of yoga for children 

Yoga and Mindfulness

The benefits of yoga for children are well documented;

  • Yoga is non-competitive, therefore no pressure to perform or be a certain way.
  • Yoga teaches self-acceptance, everyone’s body moves differently, achieving different things therefore accepting yourself and others as they are. “Namaste” – The light in me sees the light in you encouraging acceptance and tolerance of others, with the hope to create more peaceful local communities and a more peaceful world in our future.
  • Yoga encourages healthy habits.
  • Yoga teaches “Focus” when we live in a world of stimulus and busy, yoga helps children to be present, and to concentrate and focus on their breathing.
  • Yoga teaches techniques to be calm, using breath and mindfulness.
  • Children learn self-awareness through yoga and of the body, mind and spirit, and in turn helps children develop into more confident, kind, responsible adults.
  • Yoga also supports positive mental health in children. (

I’m passionate about providing yoga and mindfulness experiences for children and their families in the local community; for teens through Acro yoga workshops, by providing an open minded, creative space to express themselves and grow, connecting together as families and community as well as having fun!

If you haven’t been to one of my sessions yet and you’re local to me, then I’d love you to come and join in with the yoga play. Be creative, connect, have fun and see for yourself what we do.

So let’s provide a calmer world for our children, one with less pressure to perform and fit everything in, and the words of The Beatles (kind of) Let them (just) be!

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Claire Harding

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