What is High Vibrational and why is everyone talking about it?

High Vibration
Mana Aura
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High Vibrational State

There is so much talk about living in a high vibrational state but what does this mean? I’m going to try and break this down for you.

Everything is energy whether we see it or not – there is the physical and the non-physical and science is starting to bridge the gap of understanding between the two through the study of quantum physics. There is the physical biological bod and non-physical energetic  body so somebody may hurt our physical arm and they may hurt our feelings or say something that causes mental anxiety. When it is broken down, energy plays a part in everything and everyone.

Living in a dual existence means there are 2 sides to every coin and in metaphysical terms we often talk about this as positive and negative or high and low vibrational.

Energy Healing

When we talk about raising our vibration through energy healing, we are seeking to vibrate towards stronger and bigger scale vibrations. Equally, when you surround yourself with lower vibration activity, thoughts or conversation you will align to similar stronger lower vibrations. As an example, when you are with someone negative, have you noticed how drained and negative you begin to feel? This is because you are staring to vibrate and align to them (entrainment).

Energy always vibrates like a ripple affect, like when a pebble is dropped in water so, when energy is passed though a person, it vibrates through the person and alters the vibrational state. The ripple effect vibrates beyond the person out into their aura and further, so collectively we are all affecting one another’s energy vibration and therefore the universal energy.

To maintain your energies at a high vibration, you need to consciously be aware of how to proactively do so. f you are super sensitive to the subtle non-physical energies, this becomes even more important to avoid taking on low vibration from others, the environment and other external forces.

My services aim to help maintain and harmonise the positive energies flowing with you (personal energy) and around you (e.g. energy flow within the home), to improve your holistic well being to a higher vibration.

About the author

Mana Aura

Mana Aura

I am a certified Angelic Reiki Master, Feng Shui consultant and Life Coach. My mission is to raise the vibrational energy with and around us and to help you find the balance and joy in every Pillar of Life through lifestyle coaching and energy based therapies. Coaching you to utilise simple and effective tools which can be implemented into your daily life RIGHT NOW. We can all benefit from this as positive vibrational energy spreads and helps us have more positive interactions thus increasing the wellbeing for all. Applying this to my own life has allowed me find alignment to being true to myself and taking conscious guided decisions and actions.

I work with energy based therapies which aim to clear the blockages at an emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and environmental level so that your life flows more effortlessly in the most right and positive direction for you. Such tools aim to unblock the energetic pathways to allow more creativity, self expression and trusted intuition to flow through. Together with strong practical life coaching and bespoke actionable programmes, you can begin to see you and your life transform.

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