What is forgiveness & why is it so important?


Where does forgiveness come in?

When we forgive someone, we are letting go of that pain. We are giving ourselves permission to move on with our lives. We are freeing ourselves from the suffering of the pain of our own minds. Forgiveness takes courage and I think being able to forgive shows your strength of character, it shows your power, and how brave you really are. Being able to forgive is like removing the crap from your cupboards, you know all those tinned goods that have been there for years, the stuff you never eat or use, but it is there, just taking up space. The problem with this is, you’re not allowing room for anything better in its place. CLEAR SOME SPACE! There’s good stuff out there for you, you just need to clear some space to let it in! I want only good stuff in my cupboards, thank you very much!

How do we forgive?

I wrote a letter to the people who hurt me (I didn’t send), I wrote each of them a letter, explaining how I felt, why I felt hurt, then I said it was okay, that I was ready to let go, and I wished them well. I prayed for their spirit, I hoped that they found what they needed, and I hoped that they found inner peace, then I let it go. I burned it, I asked the Universe to take care of the resentment and I asked for light to enter where the darkness had been so that I could be more peaceful.

Why? I did this because when we have peace within our own hearts we are more loving, we are kinder to ourselves and others, we are more selfless, we want to see people grow and be happy. When we have disharmony within our own hearts and minds this is when we will do things that hurt other people. I know this because I have been there.

Also, what you put out into the Universe you will get back. So if you are sending out the energy of resentment, then you will get more things to feel resentful about. Don’t know about you, but that’s an energy I am ok with not having in my life…

Plus, wishing someone else’s happiness is one of the fastest ways to healing yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t happen overnight and I am still working on some of the deeper trauma but right now, I am happy, I have peace within my heart, I feel good, I am more connected to myself and people enjoy being around me because I’ve become more compassionate, my relationships are better, life is flowing and yeah, it is good to be inside my head right now!

Wishing you well on your healing journey

Love & Light,


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