What is Chakradance?


Getting ready to Chakradance

Before you start you might want to light a candle and darken the room to create a space that feels special and sacred. You might also want to add after your dance a practice that anchors in your healing experience, such as spontaneous drawing or free writing for a few minutes. In a Chakradance class, participants usually create a mandala art right after dancing – you simply draw whatever comes to your mind inside a circle. Like the dance, your art is meant to unfold spontaneously, without judgement or analysis, as an expression of your experience.

These are just basics of Chakradance, but I am confident that knowing this alone is enough to get you started. The healing occurs when you dance and experience it all yourself, so I encourage you to give it a try.

Chakradance free gifts

Download a free track offered by the creator and founder of Chakradance™, Natalie Southgate. You can find albums with further tracks on this website, too.

I also have a gift for you if you would like to try even more. Simply send me an email (youhealyouglow@gmail.com) with the subject My free gift pack, and you will receive from me an e-kit Reboot Your Base Chakra. It consists of a moving meditation, a grounding (guided) meditation, a questionnaire that will help you assess the health of your first chakra, and a short e-book about this chakra. This is a perfect gift for yourself if you want to feel more grounded, supported, safe and secure no matter what, and truly at home in your body.

About the author

Agnieszka Bialek

Agnieszka Bialek

Agnieszka Bialek is a licensed Chakradance facilitator and classically trained musician. Polish-born and Austrian-educated, she lives in Dublin, Ireland, where she teaches her piano and flute students, composes music, and develops her Chakradance healing practice.
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