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Change your Energy with Chakradance

As it turns out, you cannot simply heal your mind with the mind. If you want to change your thoughts, and your life, you have to change your energy. This is why Chakradance is so powerful.

When I first moved spontaneously to base chakra and sacral chakra dance tracks, I could feel energy flowing through my body; releasing, pulsing, and warming me. After months of feeling like I had no libido whatsoever, having absolutely no desire to be in a romantic relationship anytime soon (read: next 5-10 years) while not even finding the most handsome Hollywood actors attractive, I was actually turned on. It seemed very strange and quite embarrassing, but it also felt like a huge wall of ice was melting inside me and I was becoming free and more balanced again.

Within a few weeks from my first spontaneous dance experience I started feeling more positive, more in control of my moods, and more joyful. It seemed nearly surreal when an acquaintance started texting me and flirting with me out of the blue, and I was genuinely enjoying it. All this was happening about 2 months into the first covid-related lockdown which for me meant that the only people I saw face-to-face for a couple weeks were frontline workers and random passers-by. I was healing rapidly amid what, for many people, was a highly stressful situation.

I was enjoying the process because it was so gentle and fun. It was really like throwing a quick party for myself every single day; there might be occasional tears sometimes when some sadness or hurt were being released, but the beautiful music and natural, spontaneous movement seemed to move it all through me in a soothing way. And if you are wondering, once the lockdown was lifted the acquaintance and I met up and we’re in a relationship now. Honestly, the pandemic was less surprising to me than this. I see this as one of my first Chakradance miracles. If you need a miracle in your life, too, read on. I’ll show you how you can start your own healing journey with Chakradance.

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Agnieszka Bialek

Agnieszka Bialek

Agnieszka Bialek is a licensed Chakradance facilitator and classically trained musician. Polish-born and Austrian-educated, she lives in Dublin, Ireland, where she teaches her piano and flute students, composes music, and develops her Chakradance healing practice.
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