Spiritual Therapies

The three stages of my spiritual understanding of all healings & therapies

I’m an energy therapist, and I teach workshops on the type of healing that I am privileged to be able to offer to people. When I was first attuned to Reiki energy healing, it opened in me something that I had never believed possible. I started a thirst for knowledge, I became a sponge for knowledge relating to many different modalities of healing.

I first started doing Reiki, then decided to study crystal therapy and found that on a spiritual level I was being guided by an Ancient American Indian Shaman, who told me I was his son in a former life. Well as I sat there listening to the crystal course tutor telling me all about the various types and uses for many crystals, my guide was also offering his views on the subject of Earth Stones as he called them, which did not make for easy learning. I asked him to remain and observe and keep his comments for when we were alone and he could then teach me his way.

After this, I did Higher Dimensional Universal Healing, which brought me into contact with other guides from the spiritual plane, this was followed by Sound Therapy using Tuning Forks. I then started to read about Lemurian Healing and was again graced with a beautiful guide who also said I had been one of her most promising students.

I have also had very vivid dreams and quite often my guides will wake me in the early hours of morning and ask me to sit at my laptop and write what they give to me. This is how my three workshops came into being.

The First Workshop

The first workshop is an introduction to Energy Healing, where we deal with the mechanics of connecting with many different energies and increasing the understanding of the individual regarding how healing with energy takes place.

The Second Workshop

The second workshop is all about the advanced Chakra System, The Soul and The Etheric Light Body, and how we can target specific areas of the human body to enhance the effects of any healing done.

The Third Workshop

The third workshop deals with the one thing that prevents many healing therapies from becoming a permanent healing. It is all about the Sleeper Cell and its origins and how to destroy it completely, both in our dimension and many others, which aids past life healings.

If the cell is present then whatever healing is done for the client will be temporary at best and in many cases ineffective, leading the client to either keep coming back or seek a different type of healing elsewhere. Once the cell is destroyed then all future healings can and will be fully integrated and long lasting.

Client Consultation

When I see someone for a consultation, it may take two or even three hours depending on what is found and what my guides wish that person to know about the causes of their problems. It may be that the actual amount of time I spend channelling energy for healing is only 30 minutes, and the rest of the time they are directing me to inform the person the why, what and how of the healing while they do other things in the background.

To give you an example: I had a lady that had slipped in the shower and done a lot of internal damage, for 10 years she had been in pain, and could only sleep on her back with three pillows under her right leg at the knee, she had seen many doctors, and other therapists including physios who had not yet managed to sort the problem. As soon as she was comfortable on the couch she was placed in a deep state of meditation by my healing guides, then my Lemurian Guide stepped forward and the healing started. Using a special Lemurian crystal wand we collapsed all of her subtle bodies onto her etheric light body, or if you want it another way, we shrank her auric field to within an inch of the physical body. Then the repairs were done through all of the layers at the same time, at this point my guide told me to remove her pillows from under her knee one at a time. When all three pillows had been removed her leg was flat on the bed just like her left leg. We then pulled all of the subtle bodies back to where they should be, and after a short while I gently woke the client.

When I said how do you feel she responded that she felt so relaxed, I drew her attention to her right leg and asked her how it felt, she was amazed to say the least. When she got off of the couch, I was told by my guide to get her to hold the bed and do a squat down to her heels, she said there was no way she could do that for over 40 years as she is a rather full-bodied lady. I told her that my guide said trust yourself you will not feel any pain, so she tried the first attempt was not very good, so my guide said place your feet a little wider and this time she sat down on her heels. She was again amazed and was overcome with emotion, so we sat for a while and I told her what had been done. To this day she can now sleep with both legs flat.

This is the power of Lemurian Energy Healing at its best, this was the first type of healing ever done in man-kinds history, and will always be around for us to tap into and use.

About the author


John Povey

My name is John Povey. I am a healer and have been in many lifetimes.

I have had several jobs during this lifetime: builder, soldier, instructor, long distance lorry driver, dustman, and barman to name but a few. But the remainder of this life will be dedicated to improving people’s perception of healers, and learning all that my guides wish me to know to be the best healer that I can be.

I started my healing journey by learning Usui Reiki, which I feel was the key to my awakening, and I am certified to Level 2 within this modality. I then started a course working with crystal energies. It became clear to me that when my guide changed and I was supported by ‘Little Elk’ (who was my father in a previous life) that work as a healer and specifically, with ‘Earth Stones’ as he called them, was going to be a large factor in my life. As I progressed on the course I became aware that I was not so much learning as remembering all of the information and techniques that were being delivered by my instructors.

I have been blessed by having a group of Ascended Masters that work with and through me when I am healing. I am often instructed in new techniques by one of them stepping into me and demonstrating what they want me to learn. I remember the first time that happened. I looked at my hand that was holding the crystal and thought “That’s not my hand!”

I have also gained knowledge of, and an understanding in the use of tuning forks in sound healing which I was advised by my guide to learn.

When I use the ‘hands on’ method of healing such as Reiki, my hands are surrounded by a dark blue aura and the greater the need for healing the bigger the aura grows and the heat in my hands changes dramatically. This is the work of Arch Angel Michael supporting me when this type of healing is needed.

I have also gained Level 3 in Higher Dimensional Unified Healing, using the universal energies that are freely available to all people. My guides have informed me that I have no need to gain ‘more pieces of paper’ and by this I take it that they will guide the remainder of my learning.

I have been blessed to be the recipient of healing gifts, the first of which was the ability to not only sense the core energy of a person, but its quality and direction of rotation, and the ability to change the direction by imposing my will upon it to correct the imbalances.

I have been given, and developed, intuitive and psychic abilities and as such my light work revolves around the transmutation of dark energies, or souls, over to the light, and rescuing trapped or lost souls that require assistance to continue their journey.

I firmly believe that the tools we need to heal mankind have, and will, continue to be placed in the hands of those who have dedicated their lives to the healing of others. As such some impressive ones have found their way into my hands. Without them, some of the work I do would not be possible.

I have written a short book about how my life changed so much so quickly it is available on Amazon, “From a Builder to a Healer” and our FB page is called Reaching Out Therapy.


Since I first presented this workshop, I have gained further insight about where the energy comes from, and what manipulation of this energy can achieve.

This important updated knowledge will be passed to you during this workshop, so I advise you to also add copious notes to this handout, as always happens, new information is channelled during the workshop, if the relevant question is asked by a student.