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If you are interested in having short, taster sessions of Reflexology, Reiki Healing, Body Massage, Facials or various other therapies, why not pop along to Cannon Street in Accrington, on the first Sunday of every month, where there is a regular Healing Hub taking place, many therapists, including the lovely Tracey, gather under one roof, all offering taster sessions at an extremely reasonable price.

The atmosphere on these days is warm, relaxing and welcoming. All of the therapists are lovely, professional people and even if you come in feeling a bit down in the dumps, you will certainly go out with a smile on your face! If you are feeling out of sorts, or you have an illness that ‘normal medicine’ has not really been able to sort out, why not come along and give some of these therapies a try. I won’t say they will cure you of anything, although miracles have been known to happen! However, they will certainly make you feel much better, without any nasty side-effects.

The main reason Tracey has organised these monthly events is to raise funds for her ‘School of Healing Fund-raiser’. This fund has now become the charitable arm (aside from her own business) and seeks to provide concessionary treatments for those who lack their own means of finance.

At these events, there are often related ‘goodies’ for sale, and there is always good food, with plenty of chairs and tables offering space to sit, eat, drink and meet like-minded people as you wait for your own therapy session.

“I also have gift vouchers available for money off longer sessions,” says Tracey, “they make wonderful gifts for someone who might be in need of a more natural healing solution to chronic, long-standing dis-ease. Sometimes people feel they can’t justify spending the money on themselves. Again, this is a way to make natural healing therapies affordable to all. Or, simply use them as pamper sessions for yourself? It’s a real luxury after all. Time for yourself, to relax completely and be pampered, is in short supply these days. We should all practice self-love sometimes.”

Come along next time and experience it for yourself!

Author: Jill McDonald-Constable. M.A. (client of Tracey Jones of Naturcopia)

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