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We also love that the name MAPS suggests the process of the journey too. On our MAPS course you will easily and effortlessly create a whole body of MAPS artwork, growing throughout the weeks of the course to create your very own MAP for self care, self compassion, a life guided by living from the heart, documented in your MAPS artwork.

When I trained as an art psychotherapist I was always amazed that the group therapist didn’t join in with the art making. That’s not the case in MAPS. In MAPS, we the facilitators are involved in the process of the course too. Each time I share the course I’m always amazed at my responses to the artwork and how my work continues to grow and change, reflecting back to me the experiences I am living at the time. Our approach is to be in the process together, side by side, learning and growing together as the course unfolds. Leading authentically from the heart, sharing our process and modelling that it is our imperfections that make us perfect, that it is safe to be just as we are.

Throughout the course we weave in theory from our backgrounds in Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course to share real tools for living the best life you can.

We are also building a network of MAPS graduates who meet up monthly via Zoom to check in together and to share with us their self guided MAPS artwork having already completed the 8 week course. So it really is a journey. A wonderful, creative and heart opening journey, to a better way of living for all.

We recommend that anyone interested in learning more about MAPS comes along to our Introduction to MAPS 1 hour workshops, where you can meet us, Gemma and Pam –  the directors of The Owl and The Coconut and the MAPS course leaders. Here you can try MAPS for yourself, ask any questions and learn more about our 8 week MAPS course. It’s offered live via Zoom, so it can be accessed from anywhere and we’ve just made it available On Demand so now you can get stuck right in anytime anyplace.

We would love for you to come join us on an adventure from living in your head to living from the heart. Please do check out our website and connect with us via Instagram. Any questions feel free to drop us an email at

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Gemma Bowden and Pam Allen from The Owl and The Coconut

Gemma Bowden and Pam Allen from The Owl and The Coconut

Gemma Bowden
Director and MAPS Teacher

Gemma has a masters in Art Psychotherapy, a post grad in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and is also a qualified Mindfulness teacher. She says “I absolutely love the combination of mindfulness and art we share at The Owl and The Coconut and am proud to do this work.:
Gemma used to work as a psychological therapist in the NHS helping adults to overcome symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. She now draws on much of this knowledge to underpin the mindful art classes and courses at The Owl and The Coconut.
She says “I love sharing mindful meditation and art making and am so proud when we receive feedback about how much it has helped someone to change their life, to quiet the mind and live from the heart. I also love wild swimming, my son Leo, my husband Nick and our dog Poppy.”

Pam Allen
Director and MAPS Teacher

Pam is a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor and has a Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She has over fifteen years of experience working in the NHS Mental Health Service as a therapist . She says “I love helping people to overcome problems and live their best lives. I love sharing Compassion Focussed meditations to help people experience self kindness. To let go of judgemental thoughts and to live in present moment awareness.”
“I wouldn't call myself an artist, but I love the creativity of the mindful art we share at The Owl and The Coconut. It's not at all about being good at art. It's just using art to play, take a break from the mind and connect to our inner wisdom.”
Outside of work Pam loves running and spending time with her young sons in nature.

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