Raise the Vibration in your Body and Home

Amanda Collins
Written by Amanda Collins

The conscious use of words and symbols can help you raise the energy vibration of your home and your body.

Let’s start with your home. The front door invites good positive energy flow into your home. What does your doormat say? “Welcome?” This will clearly let the universe know you want to invite positive experiences into your life and home.

When you see mats that say “Go away” or “Welcome to Hell,” you can guess what kind of energy those attract!

We consist of 70% water, which Dr. Emottos has shown is a blueprint for consciousness. Depending on our intentions and emotions we can change the structure of water. His scientific experiments showed that glasses of water react differently to words such as hate and war compared to those such as love and peace. Hateful words lead to ugly frozen crystal formations; water exposed to words of love formed into beautiful crystals.

Similarly, negative words and images around our home impact our physical and energetic bodies. Art works have the same power. Images of war and darkness lower the vibration in the home and therefore, in our personal energy fields. This is true even of refrigerator magnets.

What Vibration are you creating in your home?

Often I visit homes and see statues of soldiers with spears on galloping horses or statues with missing heads; this usually represents a disconnect between body, mind and spirit. In one home, a multitude of clocks in every room were not running. That client’s main complaint was feeling stuck. The walls of another client’s home were covered in masks; she eventually shared that she is hiding from life. Images and messages tattooed and on the body also impact the energy field on a cellular level.


Take a moment and look at the accessories, statues, art work, messages on decals, even humorous ones, and notice the messages they are giving out.

Items we have in our home create and support our reality. The home is an expression of internal healing; so keep only what you love and what inspires you.

What vibration are you creating for yourself?

This is also true of the language we use with ourselves and others. Support yourself by avoiding expressions of victim hood; use words of empowerment.

If you find yourself always saying things like “It’s just my luck”or “This is killing me” or “I will never be good enough” or “Life is hard,” these may become your reality. When you match your vibrational frequency with that which you fear,  you most definitely do not support yourself in living a fulfilled joyful life.

Instead of telling ourselves lies about not being good enough, we should come from a place of self love, speaking mindfully and kindly. To raise your vibrational energy and attract what you want in your life, use words such as:

  • I choose this
  • I am
  • I can
  • I have
  • I am grateful for . . . .

Words that we use to speak unkindly about others have the same impact as if we say these things about ourselves.

Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

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