Protect yourself from harmful influences

Energy Healing Techniques

Meet Yourself Meditation

Meet Yourself Protection

Get Protected against external negativity (EMR, people’s negative emotions, pathogens, pollution, toxins)

  • A protective “Energy shield“ is formed around you (like an invisible bubble) – a subtle energy layer which repels negativity – thus preventing or reducing the effects of any incoming negativity.
  • Removes existing negativity in the body and aura.

Thus, it increases your overall vibration and ability to attract positivity into your life; and promotes wellbeing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). This protective Energy shield stays with you for life.

Meet Yourself Immunity

Optimise your Immune System

  • Helps the body to detoxify and heal itself – by clearing the effects of existing negativity, toxins, pathogens from the body.
  • Invigorates and supports the immune system (and other body systems) – enhancing the body’s ability to defend itself against infection and disease.

This enhanced immunity remains effective for life and can be boosted further.

Meet Yourself Energy (MYE) Healing

Eliminate uncertainty and ‘feeling stuck’

MYE Healing releases energy blocks, and dissolves uncomfortable emotions like anger, frustration, hurt, loneliness, grief. This promotes relaxation, repair and healing of your body and mind on a deeper level. Self-awareness, mental clarity, self-worth are raised– making it easier to think of viable solutions, and to manifest positive outcomes.

Benefits of Meet Yourself Energy Healing

  • Protection against external negativity (EMR, emotions like anger, jealousy, pathogens, etc.)
  • Improved focus, positive attitude, and mental clarity – clearing negativity reduces brain fog.
  • Increased inner peace and emotional resilience.
  • Increased ability to attract and experience love and affection.
  • Increased resistance to infections and disease.
  • Accelerated healing after trauma; reduced inflammation and pain.
  • Promotes feelings of inner peace and self-confidence.
  • Alleviates stress, anxiety, anger, fear, depression, addictions.
  • Improved health on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

Photos by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

About the author

Tasneem and Naheed

Tasneem and Naheed

Tasneem Shah is an award winning and accredited Energy Healer. She has over 20 years’ experience practising and teaching Healing and Meditation in the UK and abroad, including Scandinavia, South America and Morocco. As a child, she was inspired by her grandfather (a respected Healer) to learn about natural Healing methods. Later, seeking solutions to the difficulties in her own life, she started learning various Healing systems. This strengthened her Healing power – to heal herself, and others. Healing has become her passion and vocation – she usually knows intuitively what is troubling someone and how to heal them. Thus, she has enabled positive change in the lives of many people – old and young. Tasneem is the founder of 7 therapies, including Meet Yourself Therapy (MYT)and Meet Yourself Meditation (MYM).

Naheed Ali is also a Healer, and a dentist, qualified from Guy’s Hospital, London. Her passion for personal development and helping others, led her to train as an NLP Practitioner, and as a Personal Performance Coach and Youth Coach - for which she received distinctions. She has empowered many people, through her workshops in schools and community organisations. Meeting Tasneem, and experiencing the power of healing and meditation, changed Naheed’s life. Since then, the two have been friends and work partners. Naheed worked with Tasneem to develop the 7 therapy courses (including Meet Yourself Therapy and Meet Yourself Meditation), and to get them approved worldwide.
Their goal is to inspire others to facilitate positive change in themselves and in their lives through MYM, in the UK and abroad. The Ultimate Aim of MYM is to support people in achieving inner peace and compassionate interactions with others, thus promoting a spirit of brotherhood and world peace.

Instagram: @positivehealingtherapy
Facebook: @positivehealingtherapy

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