Parenthood Pre & Post Natal Yoga Yoga

Pregnancy and New Mum Yoga

Emotional Support

Postnatally, women need emotional support more than ever. Their identities have changed, and their relationships with their partners and other family members have too. Sharing birth stories is common, so is anxiety about whether they’re a good enough mother. Cautiously seeking validation for the way in which they are caring for their baby, whether sleep-training, bottle or breast-feeding, using cloth or disposable nappies… I offer a non-judgmental space where they can air their views and share their experiences.

Baby Bonding

In both classes, women are offered a space to bond with their babies. During pregnancy this is through visualisations or simply through breath awareness, being in the present moment, with one hand on the baby bump, knowing that the baby is aware of every breath through the rise and fall of their mother’s diaphragm. In postnatal classes, the baby is very much part of the yoga practice, with eye contact, chatting and cuddling encouraged. I emphasise that as mothers, we can model how to regulate our own emotions because our babies don’t yet know how to. If we can find our inner calm through our breath, we can transfer that skill onto our children.

About the author

Maria Oliver

Maria Oliver

Maria teaches general Hatha yoga classes, pregnancy and postnatal yoga, and children’s yoga. Maria has never considered herself to be a naturally bendy person, but has a passion for sharing the amazing mental and physical health benefits of yoga with everybody she encounters. Maria discovered yoga when suffering from chronic stress, and found it invaluable during pregnancy and childbirth. She particularly loves the blissed-out facial expressions of her class members when they sit up after the relaxation session at the end of a yoga class.

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