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Exploring the website

The website cleverly separates the beginners classes into a category all of its own called the Beginners Studio. There are plenty of beginner classes to try out e.g. Sun salutation, Kundalini Yoga for beginners, Yoga for seniors and many, many more. The class length varies for each video.

If you wish to find out more about the teachers that offer their classes for free with Do Yoga With Me look in the About Us drop down menu. Each teacher has a biography detailing how they came to yoga, their teaching styles and training. In this drop down menu there is also an excellent resource explaining the different yoga styles – very helpful to a newbie like myself.

The site offers Yoga programs which can be downloaded and followed for a defined duration. For beginners there is the program Yoga for Absolute Beginners (sounds like a program for me – I shall be downloading this and will share my progress with you), the program details the duration and commitment required to follow it. Eeep – 8 weeks!

There is much more on the website than I have mentioned here such as yoga poses, yoga anatomy, yoga breathing and yoga meditation tutorials, again from beginner to advanced. In my eyes this site is cleverly put together to not only help the newbie starting out on their yogic journey and offer encouragement but also to cater to the more advanced practitioners who wish to stretch and challenge themselves.

And Finally

I am really pleased I came across this site, and really happy to share it with you. I hope you have enjoyed this article about my initial foray into the world of yoga and introducing you to Do Yoga With Me’s free online classes. If you are a little nervous about joining a physical class or want to try out some of the moves prior to joining a class, or like me are looking for a little bit of help for a problem you may have then I believe this treasure trove of videos will be of great use to you especially the Beginners Studio or Beginners Yoga Program. Please delve right in and find out more. I will be posting more on my yoga journey shortly.

I would love to hear from you if you used the videos, whether you found them helpful or why you prefer online classes over a physical class.

Remember Yoga is for everyone!


NB: I am simply sharing this article with you about Do Yoga With Me because I believe it is an excellent website. This is not in any way a paid for article.