Mizan Therapy

Mizan therapy

Benefits of Mizan Therapy explained…

Digestive and Emotional Benefits

When the digestive system is working as it should, we are happily oblivious. But when it goes awry it can quickly affect our quality of life. 70% of our immune system is in the gut. Good health starts with the gut and if it is not operating efficiently there will not be optimum health.

The gut has its own nervous system – the Enteric Nervous System – sometimes called the second brain and it is intricately linked to our state of mind, hence “butterflies in the stomach” before an important event; feeling sick after hearing bad news; vomiting with shock; having a “gut feeling”; a stomach “tied up in knots”….our language is full of the link between mind and gut. But if those butterflies in our stomach are unaddressed, it can lead to constipation, indigestion, heartburn and eventually to more serious conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastro Oesophageal Reflux and Crohn’s.

Mizan Abdominal Therapy addresses the cause of digestive disorders. The upper abdomen is given a deep, thorough massage to loosen the tight muscles around the stomach and the arteries that feed the organs of the digestive and elimination system. The diaphragm is gently massaged allowing relaxation of tight musculature, improving fascial adhesions, scar tissue and removing kinks in the digestive tract.

Supporting Fertility

Mizan Therapy is a great way to support fertility. If the womb is not in her optimum positon there can be interference in the hormonal system which can impede conception. Mizan also increases blood flow, nourishing and restoring reproductive organs to health, improving detoxification, relieving congestion and removing emotional blockages. This will give your body the best chance to conceive and nurture a growing baby.

Approximately 30% of women with fertility problems conceive following a succession of Mizan sessions and of those who don’t conceive naturally, many go on to have successful IVF cycles.

Treatments generally consist of massage, diet and lifestyle modifications. Herbs are often recommended, either to enhance fertility or to give the womb a good cleanse before trying to conceive. Regularly performing  the self-care massage and taking care of our general health can have astonishing  effects on the body.

One client was working in an incredibly stressful job, working 60+ hours per week, having little time for self-care. Unsurprisingly she was struggling to conceive and after a couple of years of infertility issues and miscarriages, simply gave up. She quit her job, changed her lifestyle, practiced daily yoga and self-care massage along with the other Mizan herbal recommendations, and within three months was pregnant….naturally!  We can’t underestimate the impact that stress can have on the body and the power of self-care and self-love.

Benefits during pregnancy

By strengthening and toning the uterus, ligaments and other pelvic organs, Mizan Therapy helps to place and maintain the womb in her optimum positon for giving birth. A good blood supply in and out of the womb ensures optimum nutrition for the developing baby. With the womb healthy and centred in the pelvis, baby is able to get into optimum position ready for the birth, which leads to a shorter, easier labour and birth for both mum and baby, with less chance of assisted births and C-section.

Benefits for women who have had a hysterectomy, caesarean section and abdominal surgery

Mizan therapy improves circulation in and around the area of the scar. When circulation is improved, scar tissue will be prevented from forming following surgery and old scar tissue is broken down by treatment. Ligaments and other remaining organs benefit from the improved circulatory flow to the pelvis.

Scar tissue and fascial adhesions can often cause problems with digestion after abdominal surgery. Again, by improving circulation it breaks down the scar tissue and adhesions from past or present surgeries. A few sessions combined with castor oil packs, diet and self-care massage are often used for optimum success.

About the author

Liz Bortoli

Liz Bortoli

Liz Bortoli of Holistic Health Derbyshire is based in Cromford, Derbyshire just out of the Peak District.

Her passion and specialism is in women’s health. She is currently taking on new Mizan clients.

Liz is also a qualified ‘Vinyasa Flow Yoga’ teacher, teaching classes in Bakewell, Little Eaton and Alfreton, Derbyshire. She is also available for Private Yoga lessons.

Liz is also training to be a Naturopathic Nutritionist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

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