Intuitive Body on Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy

What is Bio-dynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy?

BDCST is a gentle hands on, light touch therapy tapping into the fluid physiology of the body. Encouraging a restorative unravelling journey toward our original Blueprint and optimal Health. As the practitioner supports and acknowledges the body’s innate intelligence, an invitation is unfurled to guide the receiver back into a healthy balance. Making one feel compassionately connected and at ease with life events.

Working therapeutically within the physical, energetic, emotional and universal dimensions, it can shift not only physical ailments, but also change the dynamic of life.

Physically : Tuning into the connective tissue network, the spine and cerebrospinal fluid, to re-configure and attune any occurring, re-occurring and inhibiting imbalances of patterning.

Energetically: Allowing the receivers embryological patterning to heal and restore.  Or offering a soft release of trapped forces within the system, following traumatic experiences; mild or major.  Post traumatic stress sufferers have benefited from the treatment (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians,2009)

Emotionally: Guiding one to become more embodied through both self-body awareness guidance and the practitioner’s observational skills. Feeling more at ease through a natural shifting of perspective and cultivating calmness through a re-patterning of brain functioning. All in all, becoming lighter as held experiences are let go.[/vc_column_text]

Universally, aligning us with the universal rhythms, in BDCST known as the Long Tide.  Life is full of subtle rhythms and our existence should flow within these.  BDCST can steer us into synchronisation, where, the bliss of life can be embraced and experienced.

We all need a helping hand.

The subtle, light quality of BDCST is what makes it so potent and powerful.  If you can find a BDCST Therapist near you – try submerging onto their table of soothing water, slip into the act of non-doing and allow the flow take hold to sweep you back on course.

IB invites you to stay with your heart. When this leads the way, life satisfaction shines through.

” Follow your true wisdom…be your own creation”

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Founder of Intuitive Body, Lucy currently resides between Hong Kong and Thailand, teaching and hosting retreats. She sees yoga and bodywork as tools to embody, connect and find presence; yielding clarity, sincerity and nourishment toward our modern life. Embracing the opportunity to teach stamps an anchor to stay real whilst highlighting the importance of human connection, maintaining a heart-filled relation to support to one another and sparking the flame of renewal, growth, creativity and evolution.