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The other interesting thing is that the symbolic meaning of cards vary among readers. It depends on how their intuitions interpret and relate to a particular card. For example, the death card for one reader may literally mean someone is going to pass; and for others it may mean the end of a particular period for a person in their life. So if someone goes to a reader and sees the death card it doesn’t necessarily mean someone is going to die. It may mean the end of a relationship or lifestyle or that someone needs to completely change their life. It is all about how the reader connects to the images in the cards and senses how it relates to the person being read.

When one first starts to read the tarot there may be confusion about the interpretation of a card. This is when one’s intuition really is asked to work. When this happens it’s good to focus all your attention and energy on that card and ask your intuition to tell you what that card is saying. Envision it in your mind’s eye and the scenario it conjures in your mind’s eye. In this way it can help give you clarification to understand what message is being given by that particular card. This is also a good way to develop your intuition in relation to reading the cards. You start by getting the traditional standardised meaning of a card and then ask your inner self, your intuition, what does it mean. In this way you start to internalise the energy of the cards and mesh it with your intuition. This serves two purposes it helps you memorise each card by a standard meaning and then helps you develop your intuition as to what that card means to your senses. Note the feeling you get when you do this with each card because the feeling you get is the energy that that card draws on. This is what makes the difference between anyone reading cards and a good reader. A good reader is in tune to their energy; the connection they have with the cards and their intuition. These two element’s energy and intuition are what goes into the cards from the reader to give a clear and accurate reading.


There are those readers who are also channelers and use spiritual guides to help them with readings. These are for the most part people who have intuition and then have a spiritual component on some level in which their psychic ability is able to work in the spiritual realm. These are those tarot readers who ask their guides to come in to help them when they do consultations. A guide is a spiritual entity that will help them with their readings. They may talk to them, they may guide their hands or they may actually enter the reader. You do not have to have this ability to read cards. This is a different aspect of a gift that I am not going to focus on. I myself have guides who work through my hands, but it is not an essential for reading the tarot. What is important is that you are opened enough to let your intuition work for and with you when you interpret the cards and their meanings.

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