What is the ThetaHealing™ technique?

Sessions can be conducted as face to face or they can be accessed via Skype. As this is energy work, the client does not need to be physically present in the same room as the practitioner. At a face to face session, the client and practitioner sit opposite each other, as if you were talking to a counsellor. The therapist will ask for your permission to begin and, if you are comfortable with it, they would hold one or both of your hands, merely as a form of comfort and support. You will both close your eyes as the practitioner connects to your energy and Theta brainwave. This is a time for you to really relax and allow yourself to experience an extremely deep healing. You will need to ensure you are fully hydrated prior to the session as Kinesiology (muscle testing) will be applied, to establish the beliefs
that are arising, during the session. The practitioner does this to show you the negative beliefs you are holding onto and then once they are released, this shows you that they have gone. The practitioner will ask you if you are ready to “let go” of these traumatic attachments by way of releasing the energy through meditation. The mind is then “reprogrammed” with more realistic and positive thoughts and feelings. As this is a purely subconscious based therapy, very deep healing occurs on this level and many clients have reported dramatic emotional changes, helping them to become more confident, successful and able to find their true joy in life again. This therapy combines meditation, energy work and talking.

Benefits of ThetaHealing™

Excellent for helping you to overcome a multitude of emotional challenges such as trauma from sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, stress, divorce, bereavement, addictions and much more!

What makes ThetaHealing™ stand out from the crowd?

ThetaHealing™ is more than just a “talking” therapy or an energy therapy because rather than simply talking about how we feel a certain way, ThetaHealing™ focuses on addressing the source of trauma/distress that you wouldn’t necessarily be aware of as many memories are suppressed in the subconscious. Rather than dwelling on negative events, ThetaHealing™ sessions are focused on providing a positive outcome by acknowledging challenging experiences for what they are and then letting go of painful attachments such as anger, resentment, fear and abandonment in order to set yourself emotionally free. ThetaHealing™ is truly unique as it can help you to break toxic behavioural patterns attributed to unhealthy relationships, anxiety and a lack of confidence. By releasing such heavy energy and the burdens it places on you mentally and physically, you are able to feel instantly lighter and renewed after the first session. Unlike traditional counselling, an average of 3 ThetaHealing™ sessions can help clients to feel lifted, joyful and confident to start making the necessary lifestyle changes, in line with their own needs and desires.

About the author

Liz Alexander

Liz Alexander

I studied English Literature and Linguistics at University and found myself immersed in the corporate world of finance in London. After 5 years of working an extremely fast paced and stressful lifestyle, anxiety got the better of me and I realised that a drastic change was in order. I found out about ThetaHealing™ and my life changed dramatically within a year of starting sessions. I was faced with difficult choices that would ultimately lead me to the “utopia” I was looking for, simply put, to wake up feeling excited about my day rather than sheer dread. I embarked on a massive career change to become a ThetaHealing™ practitioner with my own business, with the sole purpose of helping as many people as possible to find their true joy and happiness in life again! My philosophy is that whilst life may throw us a few challenges, we all have the potential to be lucky enough to find our soul mate, dream career or to be anxiety free, we just have to take the plunge and address the things that need to change! My aim is to show people that therapy can be invigorating and life changing, rather than a daunting and negative experience.

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