Firewalking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones.

Firewalking has been practiced by many people and cultures in all parts of the world, with the earliest known reference dating back to Iron Age India – c. 1200 BC

How A Game Winning Poker Focus Can Help In Real Life

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A game winning focus is not something that comes naturally. For those that have it though it becomes a game winning difference. A cutting edge. Whether you are business person, professional poker player, an athlete or just a person who wants to improve your life, a game winning focus is an essential skill you must […]


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The Glasswalk The sound of glass breaking underfoot as you walk slowly across can be scary, even terrifying. The sound is instinctively bad! Walking on glass is something that always raises and eyebrow or two! It is just one of those things that people cannot think of a reason why to do it. It has […]

International Firewalk Day

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Fundraising for HEADWAY Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Headway is a voluntary organisation specialising in providing support and services to adults with an acquired or traumatic brain injury and their families On Saturday 7th April 2018 the world will be celebrating International Firewalk Day. Firewalking is a tool used all over the world to help [...]