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The points on the previous pages are very basic rules which could be followed by everyone to their advantage. However, if you do get ill, you will need to find out what is particularly required in your case.

If in addition your gut is not right, you must not ignore it. You may for example have a gluten or other allergy/intolerance which is contributing to your illness. It can be difficult to find a doctor who can carry out an allergy test and the process can often take a long time. Doctors simply look for allergies that show up in blood tests, but complementary therapists with training in Bioresonance can quickly and easily check not only for allergies but also for sensitivities and intolerances which don’t show in blood tests, but do cause many uncomfortable symptoms. Find a therapist trained in Bioresonance on the Focus On Health & Wellbeing Directory

Healthy Diet and Happiness

A healthy diet should not make you miserable – if it is truly healthy, and the diet that your body requires, it will make you feel good, which in turn will make you determined to stick to it. You can have fun inventing healthy ways of producing old favourites – use oatcakes with 85% dark chocolate (organic) to replace chocolate biscuits; have egg or tuna mixed with yogurt, hummus, basil and seasoning in place of mayonnaise; cakes and biscuits made with ground almonds and either olive oil or no fat; use lemon juice in place of vinegar in salad dressings. Or have a handful of nuts and sunflower seeds for snacks.

Healthy Lifestyle choice

A good diet is a large step in the direction of a healthy immune system but should be further helped by a choice of lifestyle which includes regular exercise, a careful avoidance of harmful substances in cleaning and cosmetic products, caution to reduce the amount of e-smog in your body, and nurturing your spirit with creative activities, good social relationships and relaxation or meditation. If you make this a holistic project with health and happiness as your aim, you can only increase the feelings of well-being and joy in your life!

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Lizzie Emery and Holly Plackett

Lizzie Emery and Holly Plackett

Lizzie has written a book about her recovery from terminal cancer, which includes a chapter on diet and healthy living.
She wants to reach particularly those people who, because of the current circumstances, are being refused treatment for their cancer, to show them that there is so much that they can do for themselves.

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Holly is editor of the Health and Wellbeing Magazine. She's interested in learning about and implementing ways to lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible in Mind, Body and Spirit. Her current interests are Plant Based eating and Nature Therapy including Forest Bathing.

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