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Colour Therapy for Health Benefits

What does each colour mean?

Red: Using red is great for activating vitality, improves blood pressure, aids digestion, increases hearth strength and circulation, encourages cell regeneration and helps combat anaemia as the red blood count goes up.

Orange: Orange will activate the lungs and thyroid gland, reduces cramping and strengthens the stomach, stimulates the building of new tissue and reduces flatulence.

Yellow: Yellow will assist with improving the nervous system, helps reduce shooting pains from the nerves, gets rid of worms and parasites and cleans the liver and intestines.

Green: Green is ideal for encouraging the growth hormone, cleans, purifies and combats germs, stimulates the brain and digestive system, soothes and harmonises the body and aids the release of mucus and phlegm’s.

Blue: Blue is an antiseptic, reduces itching, can help to shrink tumours and removes goitre, warts and inflammation. Blue is used to reduce fevers and body temperature, can assist with weight loss and its coolness will help reduce inflammation and alleviate infections.

Indigo: Indigo is a purifying colour especially for the blood, it cools, heals the eyes, ears and relieves tension and headaches.

Violet: Violet supports the white blood cells and the immunity system and is used for healing in general.

Let’s have a look at the most basic way that you can bring all the benefits in to your body and with minimal effort.

A Ten-Minute Walk in the Sun:

Taking just ten minutes to walk in the sun will give you exposure to all the colours of the rainbow as these are all part of the sunlight. I’m sure that you’ll have noticed how people change when they’re out in the sun, park or when on holidays? They are happier, more vibrant, more energetic and in a much better mood.

You may be wondering how colours can affect and interact with our body? Colours are all vibrations, and each colour has its own frequency that it will vibrate at.  Our bodies are made up of cells that vibrate at certain frequencies too and each colour will vibrate in sync with certain part(s) of our bodies. Now our blood and the colour red have similar frequencies so they interact together and by doing this we can benefit from this colour to help improve the body parts or systems that are in sync with the colour red.

A Full Body Immersion:

If you have any issues that are listed in the colours above, then one of the best ways to get relief and reduce the problem is to have a full body colour immersion. This is simple to do. You can sit in a room that is all one colour such as a blue room if you want to cool down or reduce itching, by sitting in a red room you will feel warmer and will help blood circulation. You can also buy a colour torch / wand that will allow you to change the colour of the light, you can then put the torch at a distance and stand in the beam of colour, or you can apply the colour to a smaller area that you are having a problem with such as using the blue light to reduce a swollen joint or inflammation on the body.

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Martyn Mills

Written By Martyn Mills (Colour Therapist & Reiki Master)

Practising in Dublin Ireland since 1999
“Sometimes we have to experience darkness before we can appreciate the world of colour that we live in”