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Wim Hof Method
Emma Corrie
Written by Emma Corrie

How the Wim Hof Method enabled me to rethink my limits

December 2015: Bringing it back to the body, mind and soul

Having recently experienced a ‘burnout’, I felt the need to change. Now, the hard part about change is not making the same choice. I know most people feel uncomfortable with change and perhaps one of the reasons for this is because one cannot predict the unknown. Thus, it is easier to cling to old habits and emotions than take a chance on possibility. Whatever anyone’s individual reason, I just knew I needed to effect change.  In 2016, I questioned everything and started my own journey of self-development and embraced change in my life.

December 2016: Mount Snezka – the day I changed my mind

Wim Hof Method
Wim Hof

The Poland Wim Hof Method travel experience ended with a mountain climb to the summit Mount Snezka, wearing only shorts and a sports top.  We did not make it to the summit that day due to terrible weather.  Wim Hof often quotes “nature is merciless” and although that day I could not control the weather, especially the freezing cold winds, my walking meditation allowed me to truly surrender as I naturally, and consciously, reconnected with my physiology to endure the harsh weather.  I focused on the one thing I could control: my breathing, and surrendered to everything else.

Together, my mind, body and breath were focused in each step I took.  It’s a powerful state to be in when your whole body is acting as a single unit.  The union gave rise to a different sensation (maybe it was the power of my mitochondria); every cell felt alive, combined with a quiet mind and a body that could cope; finally a truly peaceful moment.  It was a coordinated homeostasis.

I became empowered and it was the start of my new chapter.

About the author

Emma Corrie

Emma Corrie

Author: Emma Corrie

I now run workshops, retreats, private sessions and breathing classes.  I share my knowledge I have gained and introduce exploration of dormant biological and mental potential. My workshops involve the understanding of the three pillars of the Wim Hof method; Breathing, Cold Exposure and Commitment and I do this by movement and changing your nature of consciousness.

I share my experience in beautiful surroundings and nature itself will nudge you out of your comfort zone to call into question the unnecessary limits we self-impose upon ourselves daily.  Curious? I invite you all to join in the fun on my next workshop or contact me if you have any questions.

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