A possible solution to the mental health crisis?

How can Meet Yourself Meditation help?

Meet yourself meditation (mym) can help to reverse the current mental health problem

Meet Yourself Meditation

A core aim of Meet Yourself Meditation is to develop emotional resilience – essential to protect against mental illness.

Mental illness starts mostly in childhood, making this a good stage for preventive intervention. Thus Meet Yourself Meditation has also been adapted for younger children and parents:

  • Meet Yourself Meditation (for children) – Instils emotional awareness and self-worth in school age children.
  • Meet Yourself Meditation (for parents) – Helps parents to manage their own state, and establish a supportive, nurturing relationship with their children – recognising that an emotionally balanced, loving parent is an important factor in raising emotionally resilient children.

A young person’s growing brain exhibits neuroplasticity- its development is shaped by his/her daily experiences. Children who are taught to calm their minds show greater strength in handling distress, better concentration and memory, improved communication skills. Practising Meet Yourself Meditation encourages the development of neural pathways associated with calming one’s emotions.

Meet Yourself Meditation is unique

MYM is unique: it is a Healing Meditation – energy healing helps to focus the mind inwards while you meditate. This enables you to reach a deeper, more peaceful state in a shorter time (ideal for children and beginners). It reaches beneath the layers of accumulated fears and conditionings, to release any destructive emotions or fears. It helps to heal any anxiety you may be holding on to.

Meet Yourself Meditation teaches people:

  • To listen more deeply to themselves.
  • To understand how negative thoughts can lead to negative responses and feelings – and how to change them into positive ones.
  • To heal and balance their emotions.
  • To accept, love and value themselves (and others) as they are. Healthy self-worth creates inner peace and eliminates any desire to harm oneself or others. It also prevents one from feeling emotionally hurt by others. This enhances compassion, tolerance, cognitive and social skills.
  • To believe “I can” and find solutions to their challenges.
  • Regular practise of Meet Yourself Meditation ‘rewires’ the brain to increase inner calm, self-esteem, emotional resilience, mental clarity and focus, and self-discipline. 

This improves health on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). It is only then that you can start to enjoy the benefits that permeate widely throughout your life and connection with others.

We have delivered Meet Yourself Meditation sessions online, including to students, with excellent feedback. Participants comment that the Healing meditation enables them to calm their minds quicker and more easily. They report feeling more tranquil, serene, grounded. The following comments from University students (from an overseas Meet Yourself Meditation session) is typical of the feedback we receive:

“I felt very refreshed and more aligned with myself. I felt more assured and confident with my actions and ready to take on the day. I think MYM is important and, by implementing it on a daily basis, could strengthen the relationship with oneself. I think it can strengthen your confidence, which in turn will make decision making and finding solutions easier, because of the trust built within yourself.”

“I found MYM very calming and it let me see my thoughts. After, I felt more relaxed and aware. Practising MYM regularly could help me re-centre myself and let go of any burdens. It gives me the time and space to evaluate how I am handling my challenges and how I can do better.”

Meet Yourself Meditation is easy to learn and practise, even for children. Large groups can be taught, as in school or university, and regular practise habits established. Meet Yourself Meditation, by empowering people to monitor and manage their own wellbeing, also reduces the load on the Health Services. It makes people feel in control of their own lives, by empowering them to use their own inner resources to manifest positive changes in their lives.

The overall aim is to nurture future generations with peace, love and compassion in their hearts, instead of anger, pain and resentment. Thus, promoting a spirit of brotherhood and world peace.

About the author

Tasneem and Naheed

Tasneem and Naheed

Tasneem Shah is an award winning and accredited Energy Healer. She has over 20 years’ experience practising and teaching Healing and Meditation in the UK and abroad, including Scandinavia, South America and Morocco. As a child, she was inspired by her grandfather (a respected Healer) to learn about natural Healing methods. Later, seeking solutions to the difficulties in her own life, she started learning various Healing systems. This strengthened her Healing power – to heal herself, and others. Healing has become her passion and vocation – she usually knows intuitively what is troubling someone and how to heal them. Thus, she has enabled positive change in the lives of many people – old and young. Tasneem is the founder of 7 therapies, including Meet Yourself Therapy (MYT)and Meet Yourself Meditation (MYM).

Naheed Ali is also a Healer, and a dentist, qualified from Guy’s Hospital, London. Her passion for personal development and helping others, led her to train as an NLP Practitioner, and as a Personal Performance Coach and Youth Coach - for which she received distinctions. She has empowered many people, through her workshops in schools and community organisations. Meeting Tasneem, and experiencing the power of healing and meditation, changed Naheed’s life. Since then, the two have been friends and work partners. Naheed worked with Tasneem to develop the 7 therapy courses (including Meet Yourself Therapy and Meet Yourself Meditation), and to get them approved worldwide.
Their goal is to inspire others to facilitate positive change in themselves and in their lives through MYM, in the UK and abroad. The Ultimate Aim of MYM is to support people in achieving inner peace and compassionate interactions with others, thus promoting a spirit of brotherhood and world peace.

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