A possible solution to the mental health crisis?

Meet Yourself Therapy

 “Meet Yourself Therapy” (MYT) and “Meet Yourself Meditation” (MYM) provide a unique holistic approach to understanding, assessing and managing mental health – one that empowers the individual to monitor and manage their own wellbeing. One that develops feelings of self-worth and emotional resilience – the ability to respond to, and rebound from, stressful and challenging situations. Meet Yourself Therapy and Meet Yourself Meditation are approved worldwide.

Case Study – Daisy’s Panic Attacks

Daisy’s anxiety escalated after she started secondary school – one of the top performing schools in the UK. Her early childhood had been happy as, being an only child, she’d received much attention. But now the focus had shifted to high academic achievement and fulfilling the expectations of the adults around her. She started having panic attacks at the age of 13 and was diagnosed with depression and prescribed medication. Many of her friends in school were on similar medication, for similar issues. The CBT she received from CAMHS (Children & Adolescent Mental Health Services) helped for a while, but after she was discharged she regressed. Her parents were told that no more sessions could be allocated.

After 3 years on medication, Daisy’s mother Kay contacted us, seeking an alternative way of treating her daughter. We explained to her about Meet Yourself Therapy/ Meet Yourself Meditation.

Children's Mental Health

After the 1st session, Daisy expressed her gratitude that finally someone understood her. She told us, “I want to be able to function, go to school, see my friends happily. I currently feel weighed down. I would like to feel more free. I want to experience less blank episodes and have better concentration. I keep having bad thoughts and bad images replaying – I would like if they went away.”

After the 2nd session she reported, “I feel less weighed down by the negative things around me. I feel less impacted by my own mood. I was able to go to school every day and do my work and concentrate with a renewed energy. Yesterday, a grave incident happened to a close friend of mine, and today I felt awful, low. But after today’s session I feel free and less shock/numbness – I feel lighter.”

3rd session: “After today’s session I feel very emotional, overwhelmed with love, gratitude and understanding. I feel I want to tell the people around me that I love and care for them.”

4th session: “After last week’s session, I found the number exercise incredibly helpful. Whenever I was frustrated by people not understanding me, I was able to think about the need to accept these things as opposed to getting angry. As a result, I felt a lot calmer this week and at peace. After today’s session I felt much more at peace after the healing. I have had a lot of things happen over the last few days and have been very busy, and I was able to ground myself again and clear my head of thoughts. While meditating earlier this week I found it hard to blank my thoughts, but I was able to do so to a greater extent today.”

Daisy has continued her sessions with us, switching from face to face sessions to online. As the suppressed frustration and anxiety dissolves, she acknowledges, “I feel energised and more aware.”

From experience, we’ve seen that most cases of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, other mental/emotional issues arise from not receiving adequate emotional support (usually during childhood). Society and adults (even well-meaning ones) can impose expectations on young people, which they may feel unable to fulfil. This creates anxiety and feelings of being unvalued, overburdened, and not in control – life loses its joy. These negative thoughts and emotions become stored in the subconscious mind and continue to negatively influence how the person experiences life.

About the author

Tasneem and Naheed

Tasneem and Naheed

Tasneem Shah is an award winning and accredited Energy Healer. She has over 20 years’ experience practising and teaching Healing and Meditation in the UK and abroad, including Scandinavia, South America and Morocco. As a child, she was inspired by her grandfather (a respected Healer) to learn about natural Healing methods. Later, seeking solutions to the difficulties in her own life, she started learning various Healing systems. This strengthened her Healing power – to heal herself, and others. Healing has become her passion and vocation – she usually knows intuitively what is troubling someone and how to heal them. Thus, she has enabled positive change in the lives of many people – old and young. Tasneem is the founder of 7 therapies, including Meet Yourself Therapy (MYT)and Meet Yourself Meditation (MYM).

Naheed Ali is also a Healer, and a dentist, qualified from Guy’s Hospital, London. Her passion for personal development and helping others, led her to train as an NLP Practitioner, and as a Personal Performance Coach and Youth Coach - for which she received distinctions. She has empowered many people, through her workshops in schools and community organisations. Meeting Tasneem, and experiencing the power of healing and meditation, changed Naheed’s life. Since then, the two have been friends and work partners. Naheed worked with Tasneem to develop the 7 therapy courses (including Meet Yourself Therapy and Meet Yourself Meditation), and to get them approved worldwide.
Their goal is to inspire others to facilitate positive change in themselves and in their lives through MYM, in the UK and abroad. The Ultimate Aim of MYM is to support people in achieving inner peace and compassionate interactions with others, thus promoting a spirit of brotherhood and world peace.

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